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Tattoo Removal

There are approximately five to six ways to remove a tattoo, but you have to be very careful about which one you do/have done.

One example is using a laser which can leave ugly scars and be depending on the color of skin some lasers aren't able to be used. Laser removal can take anywhere from 8 to 10 sessions (are more) and depends on the color of ink/pigment used may not get all of it. I also hurt and takes time after each session to heal before you can go back for the next one. The most significant thing with or about lasers is how expensive each session or package can be.

I have had about eight people come in to talk to me about tattoo removal, and how I do it and these clients had stopped in most cases the laser treatments and started looking for other alternatives.

There is an older method of using salt to get rid of a tattoo. It's called today by salabrasion which means to scrub the skin/tattoo with salt. Two ways can do this; one way is just to pour the salt into the area and start to rub it end. You have to RUB it in, this is for several minutes or so depending on the person/tech that is doing it. This method takes several visits to have it done if it works well and the keloid that happens when scaring is not very pretty.

Now with this method of using salt, the tech may also use a needle to open the area up and then use the salt with rubbing motions so the salt can get down into the ink/pigment placement and break it down easier. Which also takes several times.

I have personally seen the after-effects of using the salt method and the keloid were raised up about one quarter higher from top to bottom of the scar. The tattoo was gone, no color, no ink or pigment of any type was left. But the size of the scar was almost six inches long and a half inch wide with at least a quarter-inch height. The place where the tattoo had been was on the client's left top shoulder a couple of inches from where her arm started. Now she had a huge scar there and everyone all ways ask what happened.

There is the microdermabrasion treatment used since microdermabrasion has come into the beauty world. If you aren't familiar with the term by chance, it is used to take the first layer of skin off from the face area and possibly the neck area.

Either way whether by professional or you do it yourself with microdermabrasion; I really can't say I would do this for myself or a client. I have professional dermabrasion machines, and I do not see how this would work!

There is depending on the size of tatt skin grafting that can be done to cover a tattoo up. Now that is a severe move and costly procedure.

Now one sure way is to cover the tattoo with another tatt, which usually works well.

The last way that I know about to remove a tattoo is a mixture of serum and an accelerant which only takes a small percentage of each. This treatment does have to be done more than once depending on the tatt and the ink/pigment used.

I like this way the best because I still have more control of the treatment, where I feel the other ways I just gave there isn't that much control by or for the tech and or client. I will add that any skin color I can work on, I can, for the most part, keep the scaring if any to a minimal and there has never been reports of any keloid scars.

As far as I know to this point, there is not a laser out there yet that can with accuracy and without burning the skin and work on any skin color. I do think before too much further in the future there will be some laser that will be able to remove any tattoo without causing or having any problems doing it.

Michael had the 1st letter of his last name tattooed on his ring finger. He wanted it removed after several years.

This tatt is on a client's breast, it was done at a friend's home Many years ago.

You can see how much has been done, and it is still a work in progress mainly because of the inks that were used and also of the location

This client has had two babies and a few other life changes since I've been working on her.