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Lasting Looks and Body Works

Permanent Cosmetics (CPCT) & Electrolysis (CPE)

Reflexology (CR) & Reiki Master (CRM)

Mirco-Current (CT) Light Therapy (CT)

Facial & Body Sculpting


Facial & Body Sculpting

This procedure is a revolutionary way to safely, effectively and gently tighten and firm the skin.

~ It is through exclusively designed conducting wands which emit Micro-currents. Non-invasive, microcurrent technology with facial reflexology and facial acupressure to stop the aging process right in its tracks, thus causing increased production of collagen which smooth!

~ Using our “Magic Wands” to literally recharge the cells back to a more youthful electrical state; so you look great and feel better from the inside out.

~ Microcurrent also triggers the release of endorphins resulting in enhanced stress reduction; in fact, many clients describe the experience as very relaxing and almost “euphoric!” ~

~ Some of the many secondary benefits of the Micro-current Process are:

• Diminishes or eliminates fine lines, creases, and wrinkles.

• Hydrates and revitalizes the skin, making smoother and softer.

• Improves blood circulation restoring the youthful “glow” to your skin.

• Increases lymphatic drainage and the removal of cellular “toxic waste”.

• Visibly firms and contours, lifting the overall droop.

• Tightens sagging jowls, double chins, and fatty cheeks.

• Clears up or reduces acne, Sinusitis, Rhinitis, and Rosacea.

• Reduces the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite.

• Reduces dark circles and puffiness under the eyes.

• Reduces scars, stretch marks, scar tissue and adhesions.


• And it’s affordable!

~The number of procedures recommended is determined your age and skin condition. Most clients are able to see noticeable improvement after

. Ten to twelve treatments will achieve optimal results.

~You will achieve overall improved skin quality and a natural youthful appearance to the face, chest or entire body! The improvement can be quite dramatic with a series of treatments.

~Once you’ve your desired results, there are preventative measures you can take in order to maintain your new found skin.Your lifestyle should include drinking plenty of water, proper diet and exercise, avoid harmful UV rays and include a good skin care regimen.

(Monthly treatments are also recommended to enhance and maintain your youthful appearance. Our technology is so effective, that everyone will get age-defying results).

Great for ages 25+ As Seen on ABC, NBC, CBS & Fox News!

is Free - a 30 minute Eye Session!

$75.00 per session (single sessions) are 1 hour

Face & Neck

Package Special - $65.00 for 5 sessions (1 hr.) are $325.00

(a savings of $50.00)

Package Special - $60.00 for 8 sessions (1 hr.) are $480.00

(a savings of $120.00)

Package Special - $60.00 for 10 sessions (1 hr.) are $600.00

(a savings of $150.00)


$45.00 per session (single sessions) are 30 mins.

Eye or Neck

Package Special - $40.00 for 5 sessions (30 mins.) are $225.00

(a savings of $25.00)


$85.00 per session (single sessions) are 1 hour

Arms - Tummy - Hips - Butt

Package Special - $75.00 for 10 sessions (1 hr.) are $750.00

(a savings of $100.00)

Package Special - $75.00 for 12 sessions (1hr.) are $900.00

(a savings of $120.00)

Package Special - $75.00 for 15 sessions (1hr.) are $1125.00

(a savings of $150.00)

Package Special - $75.00 for 20 sessions (1hr.) are $1500.00

(a savings of $200.00)

~~~~Call and schedule your free consultation

! A 30 min. session for your eyes or neck area!

Face and Neck Session notice around her eyes, between her eyes brows and around her mouth


1st Face and Neck Session now notice the crows feet have lessen around eyes, the lines between her eyes brows are almost gone, and the lines around the mouth are less and very much softened.


This is the before picture of this lady with using the facial and

body sculpting on her. We are doing a six-session package on her.

Pay close attention to the neck area and her cheeks.

After 5 sessions:

This picture is only after five sessions with the facial sculpting and you can definitely see a difference the first picture before and to this one now with only five treatments.

We still have several treatments to go but at it's not hard to see it is going to only get better!

look at her neck area and her cheeks. You can see where her cheeks slimed down some and like gotten tighter, neck area has shown a definite more defined look.  

Before Facial Sculpting 

This is after six-sessions

You can see the difference of the lines around her mouth and how they not as deep. The bags from eyes are gone almost completely. The lines that angle down and out from under her eyes are gone.

The lines on the forehead are also smoother/ less noticeable.

The first three pictures are before, she wanted to start with ten sessions and see what the results would be first.

She also started an exercise program along with doing this procedure.

A session is normally one hour once a week, we did

an hour and a half twice a week for five weeks.

 I think she would exercise early morning a couple of days

a week.

I will be honest and say I do believe it will take a few more sessions than 10, but it is very easy to see the difference and how dramatic it is.

These two top pictures are before pictures.

Before picture

These are taken the fourth session, the texture is evening out more, neck is looking tighter and the eyelids are not heavy like they were in before.

She is on her third session. 

After 8 wks. of sessions she will then go on the maintenance plan and come I once every 4 to 6 wks,